About Institute

i-Nare Education
Development Institute
promotes creative and
self learning way of
Edutainment to train
talented individuals

Greetings to many customers, members, and Clay instructors.

i-Nare Educational Development Institute had studied and researched on many effects of figurative art on developing children. As a result, the institute perceived the importance of education of of figurative art and now have vision to serve and share our educational system.

Published about 50 textbooks and instructor's textbooks ever since from the founded date. This brought us available to come one step closer to our vision

From 2013 October, the institute had connection with EZPia Inc., the leading company in the field of child care products. Then finally, in January of 2015, it became the attached laboratory to EZPia Inc.

Educational programs and products are certified and approved for its safety and quality. Now we are serving not only Korean customers but all nations with our qualified products.

Figurative Art of Clay

Many researches had published about the positive effect of figurative art on children's development but we strongly recommend clay as the most suitable material for figurative arts because it fosters infinite creativity and most of all, it is safe to children.

EZPia Promotes Clay Figurative Art

Teachers have an obligation to provide children the best material for education and the best quality lessons to learning children.

Moreover, it is their job to enhance children's creativity, problem solving skills, and self learning habits to equip children for the future.

In this process, figurative art is not counted as mere education but great potential to bring changes to one's life, family, community, and through all nations. It must be the life time education in our society. Now we suggest our clay figurative art program which was studied and developed for a decade to present you and your child.

Therefore, we humbly ask for your trust to promote our educational programs and products for your creative and self learning children. We welcome any inquiries through emails and website.

edu@ezpia.co.kr / www.ezpia.co.kr
Director of i-Nare Educational Development of Institute,
the attached laboratory to EZPia Inc