Help us achieve
Children's vision
and Build their Utopia

Greetings to you all.

EZPia [easy-pia] Inc. has been founded back in 1990 as “Youngseo Packaging Manufacturer” and has been growing stably in both office supply and childcare product markets over the last 25 years.
In 2007, the company has changed its name to “Jong-e-sae-sang” which literally means, “paper world” and was able to take over few craft-related industrial companies such as “Jireh-Art” when being corporatized in 2011.
Since then, it has been carving out new spaces in Korean manufacturing industry by producing and developing new lines of products every year such as Hanji (handmade Korean paper), soap clay, foam clay, and sand play kits.

Moreover, in 2015, the company has made a significant progress by successfully merging with the leading institution of education of formative clay art (i-Nare Development Institute of Education), which was great a steppingstone for launching new systematic clay educational programs to the market.

“EZPia” is now the new name for the company and being restless to meet all the children of the world delivering our excellent products each and every corner of the world. “Easy, Fun, and Creative” is the new company concept promoting children's happiness the most while learning through play. Since the company's core belief is that education through entertainment is the most ideal, EZPia promises to never cease providing great learning tools to children of the world.